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Valorisation of greenhouse effluents with microalgae: Sustainable aquafeeds and biostimulants from drain water.
AlgaCycle - Re-using by products

AlgaCycle re-uses drain water from soilless crop production

An area of ~1500 ha is used for greenhouses with soilless systems, producing mostly vegetables, ornamentals and more recently, berries. The growth of this sector is limited by water availability and the release of drainage water and solid residues (e.g. plastics and organic waste) becomes an environmental problem. Drain water is a valuable resource because it contains high contents of nitrates and phosphorus. However, nowadays drain waters are discharged unused and can cause eutrophication and rising nutrient levels in the ground waters used for human consumption. (…)
0 ha
Soilless greenhouse productions in PT
0 %
More freshwater needed by 2050
0 %
Of the population face 50 mg/L nitrates in drinking-water
AlgaCycle - Producing Algae

AlgaCycle produces
algal biomass

(…) The released drain water per hectare soilless crop production contains sufficient nutrients and freshwater to produce 2700 Kg of microalgal biomass per year. This biomass can be used to produce biostimulants for plants and sustainable feeds for aquaculture.
0 Kg
Algal biomass per year can be produced from 1 ha soilless production
0 %
Of algal biomass can be used in aquafeeds to substitute fish or soy-based ingredients
Algae-based products​

Three outputs from microalgae


Algae extracts are promising biostimulants for plants, enhancing growth and quality of fruits.


Algae biomass can replace substitute unsustainable soy and fish-based ingredients in feeds for fish.​​

Clean Water​​

By producing algae in drain water, nutrients are removed and clean fresh water remains and may be re-used.

The AlgaCycle consortia​

A strong team behind​

AlgaCycle is promoted by Necton S.A. with the project partners Nord University, University of Algarve, Hubel Verde, FulgurIT & the Norwegian Institute of bioeconomy research.

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